Automated granular loss modelling for faster portfolio management

Augmize’s AI engine automates loss modelling for P&C insurers with interpretable AI

Build powerful AI loss models while interpreting and communicating them in simple language

Optimise your portfolio risk

Automatically update models with recent claims experience, adjust portfolio strategy to avoid losses

Lower actuarial cost
with automation

Save money on external consultants and automate modelling processes

Spot deteriorating loss ratios that humans miss

Benefit from powerful AI algorithms, that are easy to interpret and explain

Automate 80% of modelling work. Move 10x faster

For Risk & Actuarial teams

Automate 80% of modelling processes

Automate process and meet tightening regulatory timeframes

Stable measures of uncertainty

For Underwriting teams

Self-serve analytics, with no bottle necks

Free up actuaries’ time to focus on specific strategic modelling

Turn uncertainty measures into competitive advantage

How to get started
with Augmize

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